Do all used billiard tables sold by Palason come with a warranty?

All used billiard tables purchased through Palason billiards come with a 1 year warranty.

In addition to the 1 year limited warranty, Palason offers an extended warranty program available on all used billiard tables to extend the 1 year limited warranty to 2 or 5 years. Please refer to the 1 year limited warranty for complete information on the parts covered by the extended warranties. Prices vary depending on the plan chosen. See in-store for more information.

What size room do I need for a billiard table?

The recommended playing area around your table is 5 feet. Please refer to our Room Size Requirements page for more information. Since billiard tables are available in different sizes we have created a Game Room Planner Chart that will help you plan for your game room.

What should I look for when buying a used table?

Here are the key points you need to look for when you buy a used pool table:
  • Who made the table (make & model)?
  • What size is the table?
  • How old is the table?
  • Is it a Snooker or a billiard table?
  • What is the condition of the different parts of the table (pocket, cloth, rails…)?

Are all the used tables for sale in your retail stores?

We do have used tables on display at our stores but not all used tables are available in all stores. You can check if and at which of our stores the table you are interested in is located by looking at the description section of the table or by emailing us at

How many used tables are on display in your retail stores?

The number of used tables on display at our retail stores vary depending on the store and the season. Our St-Laurent store usually has 10 to 15 used tables on display.

What is included in the price of the table?

The price of the table includes only the table. The delivery and installation of the table is not included in the price nor are the accessories. Some of the tables might include a new cloth and this information will be specified in the description section of the table.

How can I purchase a table seen on your site?

To purchase a used table seen on our site you can either come to one of our stores or contact us by email at or contact the stores directly .

Does Palason buy used tables?

We buy used billiard tables as well as accessories. Click here for more information.

Can the cloth or cloth colour be changed?

Yes, the cloth can be changed on any of our used billiard table. Some tables include a new cloth in the price; this will be mentioned in the description section of the table. If the table does not include a new cloth you can always purchase a new cloth which will be installed the day of the delivery and installation of your table. Visit us in-store for a wide selection of cloth grades and colours.