Official site for all used pool tables and ping pong tables available at Palason stores


Used billiard tables purchased from Palason stores have been carefully selected to be reliable, well made, quality makes and models manufactured with good structural integrity and worthy of reconditioning for resale. We inspect and/or replace the rubber cushions if they are dry, detached or of questionable integrity for their playability. We almost always change the cloth felt, unless it comes to us as extremely good condition or very high competition style cloth. Our mission for the used pool table section of our stores, is to provide billiard tables that customers can feel safe and comfortable purchasing without headaches of unreliability or questionable play value. We offer a one year limited warranty on the pool tables we sell in our stores, so why would you want to buy anywhere else. UsedBilliardTables.Ca not only offers as great selection, but if you come and visit our showroom, we'll also guide you through your purchase process and give you tips on how to buy a pool table. If you want to know how to choose a pool table? How to pick the right size for your room? How to find the best model to match your home or gameroom decor? We can help.